Investments & Financing

Gordon Brothers provides capital to companies in special situations on a fully collateralised basis. Our tailor-made solutions –ranging from asset acquisition to financing to investments– provide clients with additional capital alongside traditional debt and equity. 

Using our core asset expertise and financial resources, we provide transformational capital that extends our clients’ options by minimising risk and maximising opportunity at all points in the business cycle. Our unique approach to risk analysis and deep understanding of business operations allows us to design creative liquidity solutions for companies across the globe. 

We partner with management teams, private equity, strategic buyers and asset-based lenders, who often invite us into non-standard transactions when the combination of our expertise and additional capital is required.

Additionally, we invest directly in brands, real estate, inventory, receivables, machinery, equipment and other assets both together and individually to provide broader solutions beyond our market-leading disposition and appraisal services.